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 Local Election Results 2018


Nationally the local elections were very successful for the Green Party with total number of Principal Authority  Councillors increasing by 8 to a record 173, on 68 Councils.  This included 2 in Altrincham ward, Trafford Council, where some of our members were helping out. Dan Jerrome and Geraldine Coggins were elected, with Geraldine saying afterwards: “Thanks for the huge support we have got from Stockport members over recent months and indeed years. We couldn't have gotten this result without it being a massive team effort and wanted you all to know that we hugely appreciate your input.“ 


Dan and Geraldine’s success has received considerable attention because it meant that Trafford Council went from Tory to No Overall Control.  They have already got good publicity from a principled stand over the issue of co-operation with other Parties ( link here ).

Also in the North-West Burnley and Knowsley elected their first Green Councillors.


Here are the results for Stockport, along with comparison to the last elections:



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