Greens aiming to build on 2021 breakthrough

13 April 2022

Stockport Greens are aiming to build on their successful 2021 campaign in this year's May 5 Council Elections. Last year Gary Lawson became the first Green to be elected to SMBC, winning by over 500 votes in Reddish South ward. The Greens have a full slate this year, spearheaded by Liz Crix in Reddish South.

Sophie Tyrrell, Stockport Green Party co-Chair, commented: "We have been working hard all year round and many residents have told us how appreciative they are of our efforts. In Council Gary has been able to make significant contributions to debate. This will increase further if we can get more Greens elected this time round, as then we will be able to propose motions to Council and speed up progress on key issues like the climate emergency."

Profiles of Stockport Green Party's candidates can be viewed here



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