Stockport Green Party reveal their 2021 manifesto and are fielding candidates in every Stockport ward

11 April 2021

Stockport Green Party is pleased to unveil a new manifesto for this year’s local elections. The 2021 version features sections on Health, Education, Housing, Social Justice, Transport, Community & Environment and Local Economy. These topics will be explored in more depth via our social media channels in the coming weeks.

Co-Chair Sophie Tyrrell said: "At the last set of local elections in 2019 the Green Party made a major breakthrough, more than doubling its number of Councillors nationally. Our Councillors have been key to pressing local authorities to take action more urgently to tackle the Climate Emergency. However we need many more to extend the Green stimulus. I hope that people will study our manifesto and reward the hard work we have put in, adding Stockport to the growing number of local authorities with Green representatives. “

Every voter in Stockport has the option to vote Green – only the fourth time that there has been a full slate here. Profiles of most of our candidates can be found here with others to be added later.

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