Stockport Greens urge Council to treat Climate Crisis as a true emergency

22 May 2020

Stockport Green Party has unveiled its response to the local Council’s Climate Action Now strategy document, encouraging it to tackle our Climate Emergency with increased urgency. We continue by calling on the Council to set up a Citizens’ Assembly, giving local people more say in the process.

Gary Lawson, Stockport Green Party chair, commented: “Stockport Council passed a motion to declare a Climate Emergency over a year ago, so we hoped to see more action before now. We welcome the Climate Action Now document as a starting point, covering the main issues that need addressing, but think the document lacks key detail about targets and completion dates.”

“We call on the Council to set up a Citizens’ Assembly with a cross-section of the
Stockport public invited to take part. Such a representative group, informed by scientists and climate professionals, can bring together views to help the Council set priorities and increase accountability for the delivery of their plans.”

Our full critique can be viewed here

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