Introducing Helena Mellish, our candidate for Stockport constituency

6 December 2019

I am a 32-year-old small business owner and resident of Stockport. With my husband, I run ArtiSam Bespoke – a catering company that strives for environmental sustainability.

I’m standing in this general election because I want change. I’m tired of being disappointed by the actions of short-sighted policymakers. We need a progressive society, rooted in fairness and governed by the common good. Our representatives need to implement policies that protect our economy, environment and public services, whilst delivering a better quality of life for all. This is what I will work towards as a Green Party representative.

I’ve lived in Stockport since 2011, I love the area and I’m proud to call it my home - but more work needs to be done to uplift residents and local businesses, and ensure quality daily living and prospects in an environmentally protected area. Having moved from South East London I feel in the North we are subject to second-rate services, particularly regarding transport. I support regional devolution and giving more power and funding to local authorities, so we may adequately equip our communities.

I will fight to protect our land from profiteering, our NHS and public sectors from privatisation, and our housing developments from corporate interests.

I will champion Universal Basic Income, education reform, and the Green New Deal, which will bring so many opportunities to Stockport. 

We need to invest in our future; we need to start voting Green.

I encourage everyone to read the Green Party manifesto.

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