Candidates for the December General Election announced

7 November 2019


Gary Lawson has been selected as the Green Party’s candidate for the Denton and Reddish constituency. Gary is a retired Church of England vicar, who lives in the constituency and he said: “Like so many local people, I feel that the elite Westminster Politicians have failed us all on Brexit. We need a People’s Vote to get us out of this mess. As your MP I would work to give power back to the people. We also need investment in local communities to tackle the climate emergency, deliver a better quality of life and to transform this country into a Britain that works for everyone”.

Helena Mellish has been selected as the Green Party’s candidate for the Stockport constituency. Helena has lived in Stockport since 2011 and stood regularly for election to Stockport Council. Helena said:"Like so many people, I’m terrified of what we’re doing to our planet. But the Greens have a serious plan. We need a Green New Deal to address climate breakdown, prioritise renewables, end ties with outdated industries, invest in progressive technologies and jobs, and deliver a better quality of life. Our planet needs people in power who recognise that we are living in a climate emergency and are dedicated to taking real action, not just saying the right words."

Chitra Ramachandran and Graham Reid have been selected as the candidates for Cheadle and Hazel Grove constituencies respectively. However they are both standing aside as part of a series of electoral arrangements with the Liberal Democrats and Plaid Cymru.

Chitra said: “This election has been called by Boris Johnson in an attempt to push through a hard Brexit.   Any form of Brexit would be deeply damaging to our country, and to the fight against climate change.  We must focus the next 10 years not in negotiating a painful and costly Brexit but in leading the transformation to a greener society. 
Greens are willing to work with other parties and strengthen the Remain voices in Parliament.  This electoral arrangement will give us the best chance of securing a People’s Vote with and an unequivocal option to Remain.
Although I am standing aside in Cheadle, we are fielding excellent Green candidates in many other constituencies.  Please find your nearest Green candidate and show your support by donating or volunteering for their campaign.”

Graham added: “The Green Party has always been willing to work with other parties for what it sees as good for the country and we believe that Brexit would be deeply damaging. We have come to this arrangement because it both increases the likelihood of us getting more Green MPs and reduces the number of leave supporting Conservatives likely to be elected. This does not mean that we agree with the Lib Dems or Plaid Cymru on all issues or endorse their manifestos.”

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