Full slate for Greens in Stockport on May 2nd

17 April 2019

Stockport Green Party is pleased to announce that everyone in Stockport has an opportunity to vote for a Green candidate for only the third time ever. 

Chair, Gary Lawson, said “An increasing number of Green councillors all over the country are making a difference, including on nearby Trafford Council here in Greater Manchester, where two Green councillors represent Altrincham.  I firmly believe it is time for a Green voice on Stockport Council .”
Secretary,  Carolyn Leather, added: “Greens can be trusted to protect all of Stockport's precious green spaces, and will not allow profit to be placed ahead of our health or the environment.”

Press Officer, Shaughan Rick, commented: “Government begins with community; and any government, local or national, should be representative. In my eyes, one of the main factors in people becoming disengaged with politics, is that politicians have become disengaged with their people. If we’re going to achieve a change for the common good, it has to start with participation. Allowing the people of Stockport to be directly involved in how their town is run is key to our Local Government Programme.”
Profiles of most of the Party's 21 candidates can be found here

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