Tiviot Dale rabbit hunting exposes weakness in crime recording

22 August 2018

A local resident has contacted Stockport Green Party about the ongoing barbaric practice of hunting rabbits with dogs in the Tiviot Dale end of the Reddish Vale Country Park. Despite instances having been reported neither the Police nor Stockport Council has taken significant action. Stockport Green Party has taken up the issue, and our Secretary Carolyn Leather has investigated what can be done and says:


"It seems like two organisations - Wildlife and Countryside Link and Naturewatch are working together on a campaign to make wildlife crime properly recorded. At the minute, police officers just file it under 'miscellaneous'. This is a large part of the reason why the rabbit hunters on Reddish Vale have still not been brought to justice - the police will focus on those crimes which they have to submit statistics about to the Home Office.


There is more info on the organisations’ websites:




Some of our members are writing to the Mayor’s office in support of the campaign to get wildlife crime properly recorded, and it would be good if other people would join us in this. We can supply a template letter if this would help, though personal letters are more effective.” 


More about the rabbits of Reddish Vale:



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