Stockport Green Party has selected Robbie Lee to contest the Hazel Grove seat at the 2017 General Election.

9 May 2017

Robbie Lee, Stockport Green Party, Hazel Grove Candidate

Stockport Green Party has selected Robbie Lee to contest the Hazel Grove seat at the 2017 General Election. 18 year old student Robbie is one of the youngest ever General Election candidates, but has a wealth of political experience. Co-convenor of the North West Young Greens, Robbie has been a representative voice for young people in various debates, attended a regional European Youth Parliament debating session and co-authored an article on the impacts of devolution on young people for the Political Studies Association.

Robbie says: "Westminster has failed young people. Austerity has disproportionately affected the youngest in society. When we question why young people are less likely to vote, the answer lies with the fact they are not welcomed as a part of the franchise. If we are to be a representative democracy, we need more young people at the forefront of political decisions. Therefore, I will call for votes at sixteen."

"I will champion the Green Party’s commitment to eradicating tuition fees and restoring university grants. Our education system is facing a crisis. We will end the cuts to education and bring all Academies and Free Schools under Local Authority control. My campaign will prove that young people can stand up, voice their opinion and fight to make changes for the common good."

"Our policies stand up for social and environmental justice. The Green Party will strive to end further pervasive privatisation and cuts to our NHS. We will also call for a full re-nationalisation of our railways, investment in secure, affordable housing, and a fairer economy that works for all. It is our policies such as a Robin Hood Tax on banks and a closure of tax loopholes that will help to close the widening gaps of inequality between the rich and the poor. It will be my generation and the next that will suffer the consequences of climate inaction. We would create millions of jobs through a transition to a zero-carbon sustainable society. "

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