Stockport Green Party - Manifesto 2018

What is the Green Party all about?

Imagine ..
- a political system that puts people first.
- an economy that gives everyone their fair share.
- a society capable of supporting everyone’s needs.
- a planet protected from the threat of climate change for generations to come.

That’s the future we want to create, and at Stockport Green Party we believe that we have the policies to reflect these goals.
Vote Green at the local elections and you can help us build a society that works for the common good.


  • End Austerity: We would call for Stockport to follow the lead of other councils in providing stronger resistance to government imposed austerity.
  • Introduce the Living Wage: We would promote a living wage of £10 per hour in Stockport MBC by 2020, and encourage local organisations to do the same. 
  • Support those affected by Universal Credit:The Government’s hasty roll out of Universal Credit is causing many people to receive harsh sanctions and delayed payments. We would assist those people unfairly sanctioned by ensuring Stockport’s Welfare Rights Unit is fully resourced to support those affected.

  • Metrolink: Support the extension of the Metrolink to Stockport and Marple.
  • Public Transport: Encourage the use of cleaner bus technology, provide real time information at bus stops and ensure proper integrated ticketing for all public transport.We would also seek toextend the free town centre bus service to cover a wider area.
  • Improve air quality: Introduce a town centre low emission zone, and work with communities to develop plans for reducing emissions around local schools.
  • Walking and Cycling: Ensure that priority is given to a safe environment for walkers and cyclists through the construction of pedestrian only areas, safe cycle lanes and secure cycle storage.
  • Road safety: Extend a 20mph speed limit within residential areas to reduce fatalities and improve air quality. 

  • Local businesses: Prioritise sustainable local production for local needs, rather than giving financial incentives to big companies to relocate here. We shall seek to promote and expand local producers' street markets, co-operatives, skills workshops, and directories of local businesses.
  • Town Centre: Develop the Town Centre by redeveloping the Merseyway Shopping Centre. The River Mersey, which runs underneath, should be opened up alongside a development of cafes, bars, shops and affordable apartments. We would also ‘Green’ the town centre through the planting of trees, gardens and building green roofs.
  • Market Place: Protect, promote and develop Stockport’s magnificent historic market place through the promotion of local businesses and events such as Foodie Friday and Stockport Pride.

  • Mental Health: Oppose reductionsto mental health provision in Stockport, which have borne the brunt of savage funding cuts. The Stockport Green Party campaigns for improved mental health support provision and if elected to the council would focus on improving funding for this poorly resourced area.
  • Care at home: Promote improved support and care for people in their own homes, which will impact positively on the quality of lives for many, reduce ‘bed blocking’ and free up essential services within the NHS in Stockport. 
  • Class sizes: To address the issue of increasing class sizes in our local schools, by investing in additional capacity.
  • Support to schools: To ensure that schools are supported in the provision of a fully inclusive education for our children by maintaining high quality support services, such as children’s mental health and psychology. We shall also oppose any Stockport schools being taken out of local authority control.

  • Tackle Homelessness: Stockport Green Party believes that nobody should be left homeless, and nobody should sleep rough on the streets, in the 21st century. Too many live in insecure, unsafe places. We would aim to end rough sleeping by ensuring secure tenancies, utilising empty property for homeless households and ensure the provision of effective counselling, mental health and support services.
  • Energy saving: Provide funds to improve insulation of domestic and council properties. We would also encourage the installation of domestic solar panels, making it cheaper to run homes.
  • Sustainable housing: Support carbon-neutral house building. We would achieve this by using affordable and proven techniques to provide good-quality, energy-efficient social housing, as is happening now in Dublin and Fife.
  • Social Housing: There is a desperate shortage of affordable social rented housing nationally and locally, and Stockport Green Party would borrow to invest in building more social housing. We would also support housing associations instead of selling off housing stock.

  • Oppose the A6-M60 bypass. This would devastate the Goyt Valley, and all research and evidence indicates that this new road will simply generate extra traffic and congestion in other places.
  • Green Spaces:Oppose any proposals to introduce fracking schemes within the Borough, and to ensure the protection of the Green Belt and any of our cherished green spaces within Stockport.
  • Renewable energy: Encourage the development of community energy schemes such as Torrs Hydro and Stockport Hydro, with the aim of reducing carbon emissions and also contributing to cutting the cost of energy in Stockport.
  • Street lighting: Introduce energy efficient, motion-sensor street lights, to reduce costs and provide better service across the community.
  • Policing: Support community policing, to address in particular anti-social behaviour such as littering and graffiti. In addition we would look to provide facilities for young people, such as play areas, youth clubs and community centres. We would also support the Challenge Hate Crime project.
  • Allotments:Support allotments, by opposing any rent increases and any attempts to sell off allotment land.

You can also download a PDF of our Manifesto here