Liz Crix

Liz Crix

Hello, I'm Liz Crix. I have lived in the Heaton Norris part of Reddish South ward for the last 18 years, and am honoured to have been selected to stand as a Green Party candidate this May in my home ward.

I've been volunteering for Stockport Greens since I joined the Party a few years ago, and the amount and variety of ward activities I do has grown over that time. My involvement in Gary Lawson's successful campaign last year gave me the inspiration and encouragement to put myself forward this year.

I've spent many hours knocking on residents' doors, and feel privileged to have the opportunity to legitimately call on total strangers. Most people have been approachable and friendly, and I have been pleased to find a lot of positivity and support on the doorstep. Many people have expressed real appreciation that we keep in touch with residents throughout the year.

Door knocking and other ward activities have given me knowledge of many of the issues that exist in Reddish South, and the challenges that I will face if elected. Climate change is obviously a huge challenge for everyone, not least because tackling it involves lifestyle changes for most people.

I realise that the work of a minority party Councillor is very hard, sometimes overwhelming, and carries a great deal of responsibility. If elected I'd aim to look after myself by continuing to pursue my existing interests – most of which arise from my love of art and the natural world.