Helena Mellish

The UK Parliament along with most councils, including Stockport, declared a climate emergency in 2019, an essential first step to tackle climate change. But the whole idea was first proposed in 2018 by a Green Councillor in Bristol - nothing to do with the Conservatives, nothing to do with Labour - this is why we need Green voices in councils. We need to start introducing new policies and measures that will tackle our environmental crisis, whilst ensuring a prosperous and productive future for all. And it is possible. We just need the platform to be heard.

I wasn’t born in Stockport, but I’ve chosen to make Stockport my home. I love the place, there’s so much to praise. But there’s also so much to work on. That’s why I’m running for Council - I want to make a positive difference. I want to make an impact. Now. For Everyone.

There are tried & tested examples of green projects we could implement in Stockport that would actually do some good. (And improve our lifestyles, health, and environment at the same time - whether focused on energy, transport, waste or food - there are initiatives we can adopt and develop). As a resident and business owner based in the area, it means everything to me that Stockport gets it right. Protecting the environment. Protecting the economy. And protecting our prospects. For the Common Good.

Funding for services is tight, but this shouldn’t be used as an excuse - instead, surely it gives us reason to improve community collaborations. Why can’t Reddish North have cleaner, safer streets; public services and facilities that are open and accessible to all; and a monthly community event showcasing local producers and talent.

The Green Party encourages open debate with one another, advocating that all voices and opinions be heard - we need a shift from politics as usual. We need a joined up approach to work through the issues that impact the area and a strategic vision that the whole community can support and feel a part of. This is what I will work towards as a Reddish North representative.