Simon Edge

Originally living in Manchester, moving to Stockport with my wife and two children in 2015, I’ve been a member of the Green Party for ten years. I work as a Senior Project Manager for a Software company that’s been based in Stockport for decades. I joined the party as I felt it was the only party committed to providing equality to all, and driving our society and communities toward a sustainable and bright future.
Building a future where our children and generations to come can live in a sustainable world; where everyone can lead a considerate and fulfilling life; where our collective welfare is judged by the condition of our poorest members and not determined by economic growth; or motivated by a monetary or political elite.
I believe the majority of people hold hope in these same core values, values which in recent times are being attacked more than ever with austerity; the attack on the poor, disabled and most needy; the demonization of minorities; and the apathy for the immediate threat to our environment and existence.
If elected, I’d endeavour to prioritise the welfare of our communities in these times of austerity from the most vulnerable residents, to local businesses.