Michael Padfield

I am 52, married with three grown up children, and have lived in Cheadle Hulme North for 27 years, although I originally come from Brighton.

I work in IT and my interests include watching football, cycling, walking in the Peak District and other National Parks, and working on my shared allotment.

My overriding philosophy is for fairness, having long held concerns about inequalities and injustice. I joined the Green Party because I believe that they are the only party that believes in policies that will provide a balanced and sustainable economy, and remove the dominance of vested interest particularly where the environment is concerned.

In my workplace I undertake the role of a Workplace Representative, supporting my colleagues with their issues at work, whether that be a grievance or a disciplinary measure, or a reorganisation of the business resulting in redundancies. In that role I am constantly reminded how workers are viewed as costs by their employers and de-humanised. We need to reverse the tendency to demonise the Unions and remember that the rights that we are used to, such as holiday pay, sick pay, maternity pay, have all been won by unions in the past. The Green Party is supportive of the aims of Unions, and seeks to defend workers rights and ensure that workers are seen as an asset to society.

The current electoral system has failed us. The two major parties have little interest in what happens outside of the City of London, except when they need votes to get elected and obtain or retain power. We need a system where every vote counts not just those in marginal seats. The only way to achieve change is to vote for parties like the Green Party that believe change is necessary.

Twitter: @paddersbha