Helena Hellish

Helena Mellish

I’ve been a resident of Stockport since 2011 and live with my Stockport born-and-bred husband, Sam, and our two cats and four chickens. 

I’ve always had a passion for politics and studied the subject at the University of Hull, graduating in 2010, but without an affiliation to a political party.  I hadn’t yet considered the Green Party and felt no genuine connection to any of the other parties - no party seemed to truly care about the needs of all people nor be governed by a set of core values that I could align to.  Then I discovered the Green Party and finally found a party I could get behind, a party I wanted to put my name next to.   

The Green Party values grassroots democracy, social justice and equal opportunity, ecological wisdom, decentralisation, community-based economics, and believes our actions and policies should be motivated by long term goals.  And equally important, the Green Party encourages open debate with one another, advocating that all voices and opinions be heard.  If elected a Councillor for Reddish North, I pledge to do the same.

A new priority of mine arose following conversations with local residents - I was shocked and appalled to learn that due to funding cuts Vale View Primary School is having to close its doors early on a Friday as of September this year!  No doubt adding further strain on hardworking teaching staff, this disruption to the education of North Reddish children seems utterly unacceptable to me.  I think greater transparency over spending of council funds is needed to understand how something like this could happen.  

Stockport is a thriving borough with great potential, but more work needs to be done to ensure each ward is achieving its full potential to uplift residents and local businesses, providing quality daily living and prospects in an environmentally protected area.

Stockport needs to join other councils in declaring a Climate Emergency.  This is a top priority of mine, as is encouraging Green solutions and green jobs to the area of Reddish North, paying particular attention to reducing, recycling and reusing our waste, food waste and making the most of our green spaces.

I would hold regular drop in sessions to ensure local residents are listened to, as together we build a thriving community and protected environment we all can enjoy.