Sophie Tyrrell

As a proud Stopfordian I have lived in the Heatons all my life and raised my own family here. As a self employed artist I have had a typically varied career, including working with community groups and in education.

Growing up in the 'cradle' of the industrial revolution, I have always had a strong sense of the importance of social justice, equality, and the environment, which has always paid the price for progress locally. The Green Party is the only political party which places these issues at the front of all policies locally and nationally.

In addition to pushing for urgent action on the climate emergency, the other areas which concern me include:

Protecting Stockport's Green belt and opposing developments which threaten our cherished green spaces.

Supporting all our schools and colleges to provide fully inclusive education for all our children, investing in high quality support services and opposing any further cuts while seeking fair funding.

Ensuring excellent health and social care for all including promoting and supporting care for people in their own homes, improved mental health services, and ensuring pay increases for all health and social care workers.

Tackling inequality across the borough by campaigning for Stockport to become a pilot area for Universal Basic Income, promoting a living wage for all council employees, and making resources available to support those adversely affected by universal credit sanctions and delays.

Provision of safe, affordable and clean public transport.