Samuel William Dugdale

Sam is a small business owner based in Heaton Chapel and operates an events catering company with sustainability at its heart, and a small vertical farm using technology to grow sustainable produce.

Sam is excited to be running in Heatons North and says:

“I believe we can create a stronger Stockport by working together, whether that means small businesses in Stockport supporting each other, the council working cross-party to achieve reasonable and productive goals, or our council supporting community projects to nurture and uplift Stockport.

I feel our country and world are at a point where we have the science, will, and technology to provide everyone with the basics of a fair and good start in life, regardless of the dice roll on where and to who you are born. We can start this at the local level with a Green voice in the council to forward more cooperative goals and a system the helps everybody.

Personally, I would work to ensure safe and easy cycling routes and public transport, protect green spaces, and help local business work together and thrive.”