Ian Brown

I have lived in Heald Green since 1969. Before, and since, my retirement, I have carried out unpaid voluntary work for the RSPB, the BTCV (now the TCV -Trust for Conservation Volunteers), the Manchester Wildlife Group, and am currently senior bodger (pole-lathe turner) at the Anson Engine Museum, Higher Poynton. I have been passionate about environmental matters of most of my life, particularly concerning Climate Change and the destruction of our open spaces and the pollution of our urban areas.

 Since moving to Heald Green, I have noticed that most of our open spaces have been lost to development and feel that to lose more, especially in the Green Belt, would be detrimental to the wellbeing of the area. Out of centre retail and commercial development has led to more reliance on the use of cars to access these destinations. Construction of new roads have hardly improved the situation; indeed, they have made congestion worse, particularly on the A34 by-pass. The solution is not more roads, which will inevitably lead to more congestion, but a better, and more integrated, public transport system. There is possibly the need for more housing but it should not be at the expense of losing what little open space we have left. There are better, and more equitable, solutions to our housing problems.