Shaughan Rick

Shaughan Rick is a Restaurant and Bar Manager who has spent 15 years working in the hospitality industry. Originally from Edinburgh, Shaughan moved to Greater Manchester in 2005, settling first in Didsbury before moving to Stockport in 2017, when he also transferred from the Manchester Green Party to Stockport Greens. In the event of a snap General Election should the Brexit Impasse not be resolved he will stand as the Green Party candidate for Stockport.

Shaughan has experienced first hand the need for politicians and government to be more engaged with their populations and local businesses. He firmly believes that if the GM Carbon Target is to be achieved, it must be actively pursued. Through his work within hospitality, and aiding his business meet their Corporate Social Responsibility targets, he is keenly aware that meeting carbon neutral targets can help to reduce costs, and do not have to be a chore, something he would push for as a Green Councillor. He is dedicated to continuing the wonderful development and renaissance of Stockport, but with a commitment to the sustainability of any new projects and with an eye on recognising the incredible heritage of the town. Shaughan is also keen to see greater provision for the most vulnerable people in the area and would look to work to ensure Mental Health and Wellbeing facilities are supported and expanded.

If elected, I’d endeavour to prioritise the welfare of our communities in these times of austerity from the most vulnerable residents, to local businesses.