Deborah Hind

Deborah Hind

I was born and educated in Barnsley, Yorkshire. I studied Biochemistry at Liverpool University and went on to train to teach science and maths, a job I have done at secondary level for 31 years. I am married and have a daughter. I have lived and worked in Stockport for 15 years. I am passionate about the environment, animal welfare, education and the NHS and have been a vegetarian and member of Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace and other related organisations for many years. I believe in community and have been a volunteer for Oxfam. I have varied interests including music, history and theatre. I dance in a local morris dancing side.

In 2012 I became a member of Stockport NHS Watch, a group established as a result of a 38 Degrees campaign. We actively campaign against privatisation of the NHS, I joined the Greens because I felt that they were the political party that supported the NHS and also the other issues that are important to me. As a member of Stockport NHS Watch I am active in opposing privatisation of the NHS. The group is non-political. I have been involved in protest marches, raising awareness, petition signing and scrutinising Stockport CCG.supporting and the council.

I am also a member of the group, Goyt Valley SOS that is opposing the building of the A6 to M60 bypass. This is a cause that I believe the Green Party and anyone concerned about air pollution and the loss of our green spaces should be actively supporting. We all have a responsibility to reduce our car use.

Generally I believe that the NHS must remain public and free at the point of need. public transport should be cheaper more frequent and more coordinated. The railways should be brought back under public ownership and education should be returned to local democratic control. Climate change is affecting us all and will continue to do so. There must be controls to cut carbon emissions and link this to new green jobs, social housing and improved public transport. I believe that the Green Party both locally and nationally cares about these issues and has policies to deal with them.