Conrad Beard

I moved to Stockport in 2008 and work in Customer Relations. I am genuinely interested in politics and support pro-environmental values, hence my decision to join the Green Party.

I support the extension of Metrolink to Stockport and improved bus services, particularly outside office and shopping hours. I also believe in improved incentives for car owners to use lower-emission or even zero-omission vehicles. I see better maintenance of existing roads but more investment in public transport than new roads to be a way forward to improve air quality.

I also believe in relaxing planning permission where it enables homeowners and both business and residential landlords to introduce modifications that will reduce fuel consumption, for example through improved insulation.

I am keen on recycling, reusing bags even for rubbish and using the opposite side of printed paper as scrap or for draft printouts. I enjoy exploring unfamiliar scenery, using public transport.

I have seen the world climate become more extreme. I would like to see more Councillors apply ecological policies, which will be easier with more Greens elected, hence my decision to stand for the Green Party in Bredbury & Woodley.