Clare Brown

Clare Brown

I was born and bred in Stockport and have lived here all my life. I am currently working for the NHS as a Trainee Clinical Psychologist. I previous worked as an Assistant Psychologist in the NHS for a learning disability and dementia service. My partner works for the NHS as a physiotherapist.

I joined the Green Party because it campaigns for social equality and justice. The Green Party is concerned about the rights of all people particularly the least wealthy and the vulnerable. Animal welfare is also a prime concern. The issues which concern me most are:

Mental health: Funding for mental health services is being eroded. It is important that the mental and emotional health and well-being of Stockport residents is taken seriously so that they can access the support they need at the point of need.

NHS: Our NHS is being privatised and our junior doctors are being undermined. We should listen to the professionals to provide a safe, effective and well-funded health service which is enabled to deliver high-quality care.

Education: Teachers are overburdened with administration and inspection. We should trust our teachers to act as self-monitoring professionals, accountable to the local authority and to their governing bodies.

Environment: This government does not have a sustainable environmental policy. Stockport residents are entitled to properly, insulated homes, good air quality and an effective integrated public transport system. All of which are Green Party priorities.