Chris Gibbins

Chris Gibbins

I have had a local connection with Stockport for over 10 years, living here for the last 7 years marrying into a longstanding Stopfordian family. As such I have become very familiar with the town’s rich history, tradition and values which I feel totally at home with.

My choice of joining, and consequently standing for election for, the Green Party is due to their commitment to making the world a better place for the wider environment and for people.

This is demonstrated though their fight for equality, for a society where nobody is left behind and their determination to always act strongly on climate change and to protect the natural world we love.

I genuinely believe that the Green Party is the only party that recognises that individual lives and communities can only be improved through making decisions that work for the common good and not in the interest of corporations and organisations that are interested in maintaining things the way they are. The necessary changes can only come about through an electoral system that gives each of us a valid voice in decisions that affect us.

If elected as a councillor I would particularly focus on the shortage of affordable good quality housing in the borough as I believe that being able to live and raise a family in a safe, affordable home provides the basis for a stable and good quality life.