Alexander Drury

I’ve lived in Gatley with my wife and two children since 2016. After serving as a primary school governor for two years I decided to join the Green Party and become active in local politics. I am a Senior Project Manager in the higher education sector and am also studying towards an Accredited Masters in Renewable Energy.

I am sure that climate change is the biggest challenge humanity faces in the 21st century and there are many actions we could take locally to become part of the solution and make our lives better. As your councillor in Cheadle & Gatley I will:

- Promote active travel by making Cheadle and Gatley safer and more attractive to walk and cycle
- Campaign for more regular train and bus services
- Support electric vehicle adoption
- Protect mature trees, which provide natural habitat and help to prevent flooding
- Protect green spaces from development, such as Gatley Golf Course
- Improve energy efficiency in homes through improved insulation.

I promise I will listen and respond to your comments and concerns. I am aware of the impact that cuts to GMP and the NHS have had on our community and will do everything I can to find solutions to local crime and health issues.