Carolyn Leather

Carolyn Leather

Carolyn grew up in Stockport and then moved to Leeds to study Medicine. She trained as a GP and then worked in Palliative Medicine in the North West for 13 years. I She now home educates her teenage children, one of whom is severely disabled.

She believes that our education system needs a complete overhaul. Every child should be able to have their needs met and to flourish in their local school, which should remain under Local Authority control. She joined the Green Party initially because of its education policy which supports the development of a truly inclusive education system.

She is also very concerned about the dismantling of the NHS and the state of our public services in general.

Carolyn was a school governor and has also volunteered at The Wellspring. She moved to Marple from Poynton three years ago. She enjoys walking her two dogs, singing with her daughter in Stockport Community Choir and cooking "interesting" vegan meals for her family.