Carolyn Leather

Carolyn Leather

Carolyn lives in Marple with her husband and two children, one of whom has complex needs. She grew up in Stockport, and then moved to Leeds to study Medicine. She trained as a GP and has worked locally for 13 years as a Palliative Care doctor.

Carolyn joined the Green Party initially because it supports the development of a truly inclusive education system. She believes that our education system needs a complete overhaul. Every child should be able to have their needs met and to flourish in their local school, which should remain under Local Authority control.

Carolyn is very concerned about the dismantling of our NHS, and the privatisation of other public services. She has seen first-hand the devastating effects that austerity has had on the most vulnerable in our society. She will fight for excellent public services and a fairer society that works for everyone. She will also fight to protect all of Stockport’s green spaces.

Carolyn has been a school governor and a volunteer for The Wellspring and the Cinnamon Trust. She is involved with various local community groups and has recently been re-appointed as the secretary of Stockport Green Party for another year. To try and help reduce plastic pollution, Carolyn organises regular litter picks and has also introduced “ecobricking” to Marple.

Carolyn has seen how even a single Green on a council can make a huge difference. She would be a strong voice for the residents of Marple North and would work incredibly hard to bring about positive changes across Stockport.