Camilla Luff

Camilla Luff

Camilla has lived and worked in Edgeley & Cheadle Heath  for nearly 20 years. She first worked for the local mental health charity, Stockport Mind, as a volunteer art worker, followed by twelve years in a support capacity with younger learners at Stockport College.

Camilla witnessed the effect of austerity cuts whilst working in education, and as a Stockport resident she acutely sees how the cuts have affected almost every part of our lives. In addition whilst she was recently working as a support worker for people with severe learning difficulties she understands the difficulties that these service users can experience when accessing essential services.

If elected Camilla would press Stockport Council to do more to oppose austerity measures, as well as promoting environmental issues such as protecting healthy trees and natural habitats from destruction.

She worked for two rainforest charities in the 1980s working to defend, support and bring awareness of indigenous communities in these areas, and their plight caused by the destruction of their local area.  She has for a long while seen our local areas in the UK being under threat and is very keen to preserve the natural world on our doorstep and create more such areas. These areas, she believes, not only are good for the local ecology but have proven mental and physical health benefits for the local community.  

Camilla has been an active member of the Green Party for over five years as she believes that Green Party policies would transform society to a much fairer, safer, healthier and sustainable one.