Deborah Hind

I was born and educated in Barnsley, Yorkshire. I studied Biochemistry at Liverpool University and went on to train to teach science and maths, a job I have done at secondary level for 32 years. I am married and have a daughter. I have lived and worked in Stockport for 19 years. I am passionate about the environment, animal welfare, education and the NHS and have been a vegetarian and member of Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace and other related organisations for many years. I believe in community and have been a volunteer for Oxfam. I am a trustee of a local charity supporting homeless and vulnerable people in Stockport. My other interests include music, history and theatre. I dance in a local morris dancing side.

I believe that all of the issues we face today including recovery from Covid 19, the economy, society and the environment are all linked and need to be solved together. The Green Party has the ideas and plans to tackle climate change and inequalities to bring about a Green Recovery.