Simon Edge

Andrew Threlfall

I moved with my family to High Lane from Tameside last summer. Our children have been settling in to the local school and nursery, and we’ve been enjoying life living by the Peak District.

When we’re not out in our campervan or exploring Lyme Park, professionally I run a software company in Manchester.

I’ve been a member of the Green Party for over 15 years. I was drawn to it, as it was the only party that held social and environmental justice at its heart. Now I’ve a young family, these core values mean even more to me.

I believe the majority of people hold hope in these same core values, values which in recent times are being attacked more than ever with austerity; the attack on the poor, disabled and most needy; the demonization of minorities; and the apathy for the immediate threat to our environment and existence.
If elected, I’d endeavour to prioritise the welfare of our communities in these times of austerity from the most vulnerable residents, to local businesses.